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Our program offers a space for young women, all trans youth, and/or young women who are pregnant or parenting who have resisted conventional programs and require an intentional community to find support and success.


They have helped me so much. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for Artemis. They have supported me not only in my academics, but in my life as well. From helping with being a mom to get into a safe housing situation. Artemis has given me the opportunity to complete my high school education while parenting so young.

Artemis Student

Artemis is by far the best school I’ve been to. Ever. Everyone here is so supportive and lovely. They are very accommodating, and they make sure you always get what you need. They also support me out of school as well, I know that if I’m in crisis I can call them and they will happily help me deal with it.

Artemis Student

Artemis offers a lot more support than most schools. They allow me to feel comfortable at school by having a daycare onsite and extremely supportive staff and daycare workers. It is the only school I have felt happy and confident waking up knowing this is where I have to go.

Artemis Student
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1507, 2016

The Day I Taught in University, Artemis Student

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I was chosen. As a young mom, I have a unique perspective on parenting and life; therefore, I was asked by a university professor in the Child and Youth Care

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