Artemis Place Secondary

Artemis Place Secondary is a Group One Certified Independent School under the BC Ministry of Education, Independent Schools. Students enjoy self paced, personalized learning that meets the new BC Education plan requirements. Teachers continuously strive to enrich and enhance curriculum to engage all learners to foster the skills and competencies students need to succeed. The personalized format is to meet each students’ unique goals and needs.

In English, Math, Social Studies, and Science, teachers offer a unique project based learning environment relevant to each student’s goals.

Enriched academic opportunities include Visual Arts, Drama, Foods and Nutrition, Fibres and Fabrics, Outdoor Education, Leadership, First Nations studies, Psychology, Law and Family Studies, as well as multiple grade 11/12 level science streams, such as Biology, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Science and Technology. Personalized learning and wide selection gives each student an increased sense of ownership over their learning, along with further opportunity for community or cultural based exploration and connection.