Our Mission:

To provide holistic social and emotional support and high school education to young women and trans-youth in our nurturing community, as well as provide an enriched early childhood experience to infants and toddlers of young parents while modeling care-giving skills and supporting each student in their parenting.

Artemis Place Society

The society has been delivering integrated educational services in the Capital Region since 1971.  Artemis Place Society has been called the Victoria Society for Educational Alternatives, Artemis Options Society and the Girls Alternative Program.

Traditionally, our students have been young women and young moms although gender non-conforming students have attended as long as the program has operated.  As a component of our organizational development, the Society engaged in a productive process around trans inclusion and formally welcomed trans youth into our program in the 2015-2016 year.

Within this intentional community, the Society is committed to adopting decolonizing practices and engaging with the recommendations of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.

Artemis Place Society operates Artemis Place Secondary School and Artemis Young Parent Program which includes an on-site Child Care Centre.  The Secondary School integrates education, counseling and life-skills in a nurturing alternative school setting.  Artemis Place is for young women, and/or young women who are pregnant or parenting and all trans youth who have resisted conventional programs and require an intentional community to find support and success.